Gold Charm Bracelet

The word 'charm' means 'something that is worn to ward off evil or ensure good fortune', 'a talisman' and 'a small ornament worn on a bracelet or chain'. (The Longman Dictionary of the English Language). Charms were often carried as good luck ornaments or as a lucky talisman Tribesmen would pick up unusual shaped stones or pieces of rock and use them in the belief that it would somehow give them protection from an evil force or to prevent an early death by their enemies or other tribes that they would have to fight. The foot of a rabbit is thought of in much the same way and various cultures have carried them in the belief that they would be protected from evil or harm.

Today we still love our gold charm bracelets. They make superb gifts and can be used to tell the life story of the wearer. For each momentous occasion that occurs in a persons life there is very likely a gold charm to celebrate it. There are birth, communion, birthday, wedding and baby charms. And every popular jewelry collection will have a vast choice.

Gold charms are normally in 14 carat gold though some are in 18 as well. Expect the price to be higher for the 18 carat gold charm bracelets. You can find many online jewellers now offering huge discounts. Most of these are bulk buy sites that pass on the savings to shoppers. Buying jewelry online is always going to be a risk so stick the the more well known site to avoid issues. Gold charm bracelets can increase in value alot so make sure you have your insurance updated regularly and correct gold valuations done.

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Pictures of Gold Charm Bracelets

14k gold charm bracelet

14kt gold charm bracelet

18ct solid gold diamond cut charm bracelet

angel pendant

best gold charm bracelet

bracelet charm gold in yellow

bracelet charm gold

charm bracelets in bradford

charm custom italian taurus zodiac

charm gold graduation

classic gold charm bracelet

crochet silver bracelet

emergency alert bracelet

gold bracelet with heart charm

gold charm bangle bracelet